F. Scott Winslow

Mr. Winslow is a Chicago native with deep and wide experience in the health care sector where he began

his noteworthy healthcare management career that has established him as a top ranked operations

executive and expert on reimbursement systems as well as a national speaker on these topics.

Mr. Winslow has been in the health care arena for over 40 years. During that time he has achieved a

number of impressive industry contributions. His experience spans Fortune Fifty investor operations,

operations of large teaching facilities, oncology treatment and research, burn/trauma operations as well

as multi unit administration and several national consulting practices. He served as the regional president

for an investor owned Healthcare Company responsible for multiple hospitals and surgical center


Mr. Winslow completed the first successful consolidation of two hospitals in the state of Illinois and was

heralded for his work in obstetrics development by Crain’s Chicago Business in 1987. In 1991 Modern

Healthcare called him “as savvy as a real estate agent” in connection with a story on his hospital campus

re-development plan. In 1997 the Wall Street Journal called him ”a witty and informed spokesman on the

issues" in connection with their Column 1 story on his facility.

He has spearheaded numerous innovations in the industry including: influencing state wide perinatal

regulations, Illinois Supreme Court decisions on Department of Revenue property tax decisions, the first

“freedom of information” act release of statewide planning data to hospitals as well as community medical

practice development and public private sector joint ventures.

His hospital team conceived and orchestrated the first clinical outcomes research on Hispanic obstetrical

patients published in 1996 and have seen dramatic multi-million dollar turn-arounds in their financial

positions as well as innovations in the fields of medical service organizations and group practice models.

His varied administrative duties have seen him responsible for several hundred million dollars of

construction and renovation projects, land assemblages / acquisitions, lease negotiations and real estate


Mr. Winslow has served as a founder and/or board member to several indemnity insurance companies as

part of his integrated health systems work.

He was an early innovator in off-campus business units and multi location systems integration.

His management career has always been marked by a spirit of innovation, consultancy and


In 2007, Mr. Winslow has been at the cutting edge of reimbursement change serving as the CEO of the

unique and innovative startup consulting and service company, Claims Recovery Company (CRC), the

leader in appeals on underpaid healthcare claims utilizing the application of federal ERISA law to

payment systems. Through this "first in the field" consulting company for healthcare providers, he has

changed the playing field for providers, insurance intermediaries as well as health plan sponsors while

delivering millions of dollars of new funds to providers nationwide. This system of fully integrating the

basis of the patients health plan through the complex regulations of the intermediary payment systems

has begun a revolution in the payment process to providers and underscored in the passage of PL 111-

148, PPACA.

This innovative work has already led to the spin off of a first ever service firm devoted to educating and

providing consulting to Fortune 500 Companies health plan process systems leading toward cash

recoveries from intermediary insurance companies. This further, "first of its kind" service company, to

large employers is growing rapidly, where Mr. Winslow serves as the Senior Technical Consultant as well

as serving as a founding board member.

Mr. Winslow is a full time consultant maintaining clients as mentioned above as well as select new

"cutting edge" and "transformative" ventures in the health care arena.